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Lam - Mortichnium [Black Metal, Lim. 100 tapes]
Black Force/Fröst Rot - Dungeons OF Depravity [Black Metal, Lim. 200 tapes]

Released by Into Dungeons Records so far:

H.M.S.S.-Cult-8: Black Force (Ger)/Fröst Rot (Us) - Dungeons of Depravity (MC, August 2014)

H.M.S.S.-Cult-7: Lam (Ger)- Mortichnium (MC, August 2014)

H.M.S.S.-Cult-6: Warlust (Ger) - Unholy Attack (MC, July 2014)

H.M.S.S.-Cult-5: Nocturnal (Ger) - Storming Evil (MC, May 2014)

H.M.S.S.-Cult-4: Glory Hole (It) - Infestation of Evilized Deformities (MC, March 2014)

H.M.S.S.-Cult-3: Serpent (Ger) - Live in der Wolltuchfabrik (MC, September 2013)

H.M.S.S.-Cult-2: Nocturnal Witch (Ger)/Division Speed (Ger)- Leipzig in Trümmern (VHS, April 2013)

H.M.S.S.-Cult-1: Midnight Callings (Ger) - s/t (Digi-CD, January 2013)